Encore Recording System

Encore? is dvsAnalytics’ all-in-one software-based solution.

Encore? is a software solution that simplifies call recording and screen recording, quality management, workforce management, and analytics. These capabilities allow companies to rapidly and successfully improve service, reduce risk, maintain compliance, verify orders, settle customer disputes, schedule agents, and gain operational and customer intelligence.

Designed for companies of all sizes, Encore is used successfully today by contact centers; healthcare, telecom and consumer firms; financial institutions; and public safety centers.

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Encore gives you the flexibility to determine what is retained and for how long. For compliance and risk mitigation purposes, for example, you can capture an entire interaction and store it for years to come. You even have the ability to easily encrypt and/or redact selected portions of a call to restrict access from unauthorized users.

Encore is easy to use, install, and maintain, and it is scalable to up to thousands of seats. It integrates seamlessly with all leading PBX platforms and features a variety of capabilities to empower your organization.

For more information about Encore Call and Screen Recording, please contact ADS to schedule a demo. Call us (502) 253-0134, or email info@applied-ds.com.

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Built to assist contact center supervisors, schedulers and agents, the Encore Community workforce management software helps to forecast and schedule your staff with an easy to use interface. This feature-rich toolkit is designed to help you evaluate different staff plans, service level objectives, shrinkage profiles, single or multi-skilled agents, scheduling methods and more. It even allows agents to bid on schedules.

Encore Community also provides real-time agent adherence data. This allows you to modify your staff plan as needed. This powerful software enables your team to interact and collaborate while executing your unique workforce management strategy

Encore Community Workforce Mgmt

For more information about Encore Community Workforce, please contact ADS to schedule a demo. Toll Free 866-389-0911, or info@applied-ds.com.

Encore’s eCapture? software automatically pulls relevant data from third-party systems (CRM, WFM, etc.) and from the agent’s screen activity, and adds it to the recording. This metadata then becomes searchable so you can pinpoint the precise recordings you need to identify sales trends, track customer history, and more. This combined interaction data helps enhance agent performance evaluations, as well as capture useful operational, sales, and marketing intelligence.

For more information about Encore Reports and Anlytics, please contact ADS to schedule a demo. Toll Free 866-389-0911, or info@applied-ds.com.

One of the differentiating components of Encore is its complete quality management. This empowers supervisors with multi-dimensional evaluation functionality. Unlike typical quality management solutions that only offer call recording evaluations, Encore takes quality management to an entirely new level. Our 360-degree approach arms you with comprehensive agent evaluation tools such as call recording evaluations, automated coaching, auto-emailed customer surveys, and live monitoring with real-time voice annotation. These combined elements provide the most complete picture of agent performance.  This allows you to target specific skill deficiencies and work to quickly remedy them with targeted training modules sent automatically to agents.

Encore Quality Management eCoaching

For more information about Encore Quality Management, please contact ADS to schedule a demo.  Call us (502) 253-0134, or email info@applied-ds.com.