Protect by Redacting

In this age of 24/7 digital evidence, it is critical to protect the identities of officers and citizens when media is released to the public. Therefore, we are excited to announce that ADS is now an official provider of Veritone Redact, an audio-video redaction software utilizing one of the world’s premier Artificial Intelligence systems.

Redact provides law enforcement agencies with fast, automatic redaction for audio and video files. After an officer uploads the evidence, the AI software goes through the file frame by frame to detect and redact heads, laptops, and even license plates, as well as providing a transcript of the audio. This streamlines the arduous process of redaction, saving records departments hundreds of hours and ensuring that no sensitive material is accidentally included when the evidence is released. Agencies can simply choose which parts of the evidence they want to manually redact after the AI has gone through and comprehensively detected the material.

Redact’s uniqueness is due to its AI head recognition, which is different from facial recognition. This means that no matter the angle or appearance of the image, Veritone does not rely on facial features, which may not be fully visible at some points in the video. Head detection enables consistent recognition of individuals even as they move around or wear a mask.

Julie Ubert at the Lake Stevens Police Department is a Redact user. She stated that “utilizing Veritone products and the AI technologies have saved time within our department in processing different types of file formats. And by doing so, we’re able to do different things in our community that will benefit our community, instead of focusing on processing audio-video files.” If that sounds like a goal of yours, please reach out so we can help you achieve it.