Recording Technology for Hospitals

The modern healthcare facility has a multitude of areas it should utilize audio or video recording. Nurse’s stations, patient intake, security, radios from ambulance and other forms of emergency transportation – as well as any telephony – can be important and beneficial for a hospital to record. Today’s rapid development of medical technology means the recorder must similarly be kept up to date and compatible with other technology at a hospital.

ADS is proud to work with multiple large-scale medical facilities to record their critical information. ADS has plenty of experience integrating recorders with a hospital’s existing technology – even when there are multiple physical locations. Often a hospital will have several campuses spread across a city or state, and it is important to be able to access recordings from all locations at any single given place. Corey Masden is an ADS engineer who has been working on a distributed system for just such a large hospital in Ohio: by building a virtually-hosted server, Corey enabled access to the entire library of the hospital’s recordings from any of the various locations. Simultaneously, the virtual server allows specific permissions to be assigned to different types and levels of employees. In this way a healthcare facility’s data is kept secure, but easily-accessible when needed.

It is not just communications that a healthcare facility might need to record: perhaps security needs to capture video of a holding cell, or there is a child/family services division that requires reliable recording of an interview room. ADS delivers iRecord to numerous child advocacy centers and police departments for exactly the same reasons, and can easily integrate such a system into a hospital’s infrastructure.

Whether looking to retain valuable phone calls or capture sensitive video footage, ADS is here to help our frontline medical workers. We look forward to continuing our work in hospitals, improving understanding and safety within these places where technology must be reliable, adaptable, and easy to use.