Quality Assurance and Improvement

The Importance of Quality Assurance

High quality of service is essential in emergency communications.  When lives are on the line, it is crucial that your community receive the best possible service from your dispatchers.

Applied Digital Solutions is proud to offer Quality Assurance and Improvement software integrated with our NICE and Eventide call recorders.  These QA solutions can help your center:

Automate workflows: Searching and attempting to randomly select calls to evaluate is no longer necessary.  The software randomly chooses calls and incidents for you to evaluate.  This takes the guess work and human bias out of the QA/QI process.  Once the call is evaluated, an evaluation is sent directly to the call taker for their review and comments.

Customize APCO-approved forms: All of our QA/QI solutions come pre-loaded with APCO Standard 25-approved forms to evaluate all emergency communications.  If you want more specific forms for your center, you can easily add questions to any of the forms.

Run specialized reports on all evaluations: Our QA/QI solutions make it easy to automatically generate reports based on your evaluations.  These reports can highlight performance trends and gaps, which provide insight on broad training needs.

Our Results

Our customers have found that using our solutions in their quality assurance and improvement programs cuts processing in half.  In this mission-critical industry, these time savings make a huge difference in day-to-day operations.  You can read more about how automated workflows using our QA/QI programs have helped Greenup County E911 in our newest case study.