The Ease of iRecord

The suspect interrogation, or forensic interview, is an integral part of a modern law enforcement investigation. While questioning an individual who may have committed a crime – or is the victim of one – the official conducting the investigation should have complete faith that the interaction will be recorded easily and clearly for future reference and use in court. iRecord is an interview-room recording system that is purposely built for law enforcement and child advocacy centers. It offers a bevy of features that not only ensures the interview will be captured and saved, but also easily-accessed and shared later.

iRecord is what is referred to as a “3rd Stage” solution, meaning it is the product agencies arrive at when they have exhausted other inferior options. These other options can be categorized as “1st Stage”, which would be a self-made recording system comprised of hardware purchased at a retail store like Walmart and cobbled together, and/or use of equipment not intended for interview room recording (body cameras/tape recorders); “2nd Stage” is a recording system installed by a camera company into the room – and therefore an improvement over 1st Stage – but not designed with law enforcement in mind, often having significant user interface problems. iRecord is 3rd Stage; it is a system that is purpose-built for police and child advocacy centers, and has the evidence management options and simple interface to support these groups.

Since it is purposely built for these contexts, iRecord is noted for being exceptionally easy to use; a current user has described it as “cop-proof”. The system is meant to be transparent and reliable, and to reduce the work of a detective/interviewer – not create something new to learn.

ADS is proud to provide and support iRecord, and we encourage you to read more about this system on our website here.