Project Beloved & Soft Interview Rooms

April 26, 2023

ADS wants to do our small part in sharing the word about Project Beloved and their Soft Interview Rooms. Project Beloved is a non-profit organization with a mission “to educate, advocate, and collaborate to change the conversation about sexual assault and empower survivors to find their voices.” Tracy Matheson founded the organization in the wake […]

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Protect by Redacting

March 24, 2023

In this age of 24/7 digital evidence, it is critical to protect the identities of officers and citizens when media is released to the public. Therefore, we are excited to announce that ADS is now an official provider of Veritone Redact, an audio-video redaction software utilizing one of the world’s premier Artificial Intelligence systems. Redact […]

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Customer Bio: Russ Clark, Bluegrass 911 KY

March 4, 2023

One of Kentucky’s forward-thinking, technologically advanced 911 centers is not found in a metro region, but it is found in rural Garrard County. Bluegrass 911 Central Communications is led by Russ Clark, its long-tenured director. Russ has been an Emergency Communications professional for over two decades and possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge about […]

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Customer Bio: Emily Hutcheson, Butterfly Bridge CAC

December 15, 2022

“TREAT EVERY CASE LIKE IT IS THE ONLY CASE WE HAVE” This is Emily Hutcheson and Butterfly Bridge CAC’s mentality as they serve children victimized by abuse. Emily is the Assistant Director at Butterfly Bridge, leading the two offices in Autauga and Elmore Counties. She works with her long-time mentor and friend, Jana Zuelzke, who […]

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Customer Bio: Jana Zuelzke, Butterfly Bridge CAC

November 15, 2022

“THEY KEEP ME GOING BACK EVERY DAY” Those were Jana Zuelzke’s words as she explained how courageous children keep her devoted to the difficult yet rewarding work of child advocacy. She shared, “These kids are pretty amazing. We get to witness it every day. Kids going through things I could never imagine. It is amazing […]

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Customer Bio: Ken Miller, Cheatham County Sheriff's Office

November 5, 2022

THE BEGINNING OF THE JOURNEY: 9/11 For many Americans, September 11th was a watershed moment. It changed how we viewed travel, national security, international relations, and much more. For Ken Miller, the event changed his commitment to serve others. He had already served in the military and was in law enforcement on a part-time basis, […]

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Mt. Sterling Police Department - iRecord Case Study

September 12, 2022

Law enforcement agencies of all sizes can benefit from the recording capabilities and data management features of iRecord. From the Department of Homeland Security to small-town sheriff’s offices, iRecord works for everyone. Mt. Sterling, a town of about 7,000 east of Lexington, has a police department that uses their interview room two or three times […]

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My Time at ADS

June 3, 2022

I graduated from college in May of 2020; bad timing. During a period when most college seniors would be applying for jobs, signing leases, and lobbying for better final grades, the Class of 2020 was contending with employment falling through, courses transitioning online, and relatives going into the emergency room. I was fortunate that no […]

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Recording Technology for Hospitals

April 18, 2022

The modern healthcare facility has a multitude of areas it should utilize audio or video recording. Nurse’s stations, patient intake, security, radios from ambulance and other forms of emergency transportation – as well as any telephony – can be important and beneficial for a hospital to record. Today’s rapid development of medical technology means the […]

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ADS Integrates Texty and NICE Inform

December 28, 2021

When in an emergency situation, calling 911 may not always be an option. Perhaps the individual cannot speak or hear, the surrounding environment is too loud, or cell service is poor – there are many potential scenarios in which alternative methods of contacting emergency services are crucial. Text-to-911 is a service that seeks to fill […]

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