Mt. Sterling Police Department - iRecord Case Study

Law enforcement agencies of all sizes can benefit from the recording capabilities and data management features of iRecord. From the Department of Homeland Security to small-town sheriff’s offices, iRecord works for everyone.

Mt. Sterling, a town of about 7,000 east of Lexington, has a police department that uses their interview room two or three times per week. Before working with ADS, this department used a micro-recorder to capture audio – just as many other departments continue to do to this day. They never had a failure with their audio evidence – in court or otherwise – but they understood the benefit (and necessity) of replacing their interview room recording technology.

ADS worked with Mt. Sterling Police to get an iRecord system installed in their interview room space. They had been spending extra time transferring the interview audio from the recorder to a computer, and had issues with sound bleed from background noise. After installing the iRecord system, “We haven’t had any issues with the recordings…they’re crystal-clear,” said Detective Aaron Noel. “It’s foolproof, you can’t mess it up. You got tech support if you need it. It’s one hundred times better than a tape recorder, which can mess (the interview) up.”

Mt. Sterling has been extremely pleased with iRecord. The detectives and patrol officers alike have found iRecord to be easy to use, reliable, and a comprehensive improvement on their investigative processes. Upon being asked what he would recommend other small departments do for interview recording, Detective Noel said: “I would highly encourage any agency to just invest in it, get it over with, and it’s a great tool to have.”

ADS enjoys partnering with agencies like Mt. Sterling Police Department, improving law enforcement investigations for agencies who want to be on the cutting edge of interview room recording technology.