2022 Kentucky 911 Grants Become Available

A longstanding and crucial aspect of 911, this year’s competitive grants have become available for application in the state of Kentucky.

Competitive grants can be instrumental in securing the funding your PSAP needs, and this year the Kentucky 911 Services Board continues to emphasize the importance of meeting NG911 goals. Included in the Master Grant Application for 2022 are four project priorities that dispatch centers should be pursuing if they want to secure additional competitive funding; the first of these priorities is “Compliance with NG911 themes”, as stated in the KY NG911 Road Map.

The Road Map mentions several aspects of NG911 Kentucky PSAPs should focus on, including Text-to-911 and GIS mapping. Recorders are also recommended to capture IP-based audio and collect metadata in order to conform with Kentucky’s NG911 standards.

Applications for Kentucky’s 911 grants are due March 31st, with a soft deadline of March 17th. Recipients will be notified in June. Applications can be physically sent to the 911 Services Board at 200 Metro Street in Frankfort.

ADS is happy to provide assistance for any individuals unfamiliar with the grant process, and we wish all applicants luck in their pursuit of this important funding.