Finding a video recording system that meets minimum recording requirements is easy – just go to a local store and purchase some equipment. It is more difficult to find a solution that is purposely built for law enforcement and CACs.

From the moment the manufacturers started to build iRecord, they had a view toward law enforcement and CACs. While gathering input from real cops and CAC directors, iRecord developed a system which seamlessly fits into the unique processes of these two fields.

With iRecord, having an HD recording is only part of the package – you are also able to improve your investigative process. It gives you the ability to improve performance in all the little things like searching for a file, playing back a long video, or exporting the evidence.

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Law Enforcement:

iRecord systems have evolved to employ high-definition IP cameras that are networked into a powerful, one-touch solution.

When conducting a police interview, reliable and easy-to-use video recording equipment is essential to the long-term viability of the case. Interrogations are only as effective as the usability of the insights that have been extracted; and that’s why a video recording system is essential to help you not only hear what’s important, but realize what’s left unsaid.

What was the body language of the person being interviewed? Was the attitude or the demeanor of the suspect inconsistent? High-quality visual recording allows you to capture more in the interview, while purpose-built software enables you to review and share the evidence.

Child Advocacy:

Child Advocacy Centers pioneer best practices for child abuse interviews. Their non-leading questioning techniques and careful documentation shield child victims from the need to confront their abusers. They also reduce the number of interviews children are subjected to, and increase convictions in cases that go to trial. Digital video is a natural partner for CACs.

There are many reasons why recording a child interview is a good idea. One is the simple fact that you’ll reduce the number of times the child has to relive the event. Child witnesses also have a high level of recantation, and video provides incontrovertible evidence that a child did make an accusation. In fact, Child Forensic Interview Recording testimony can be used to help refresh a child’s memory in the event that they do have to testify in court.

The unintrusive nature of iRecord’s cameras can enable a child to feel comfortable with the interviewer to share the necessary evidence for a case. The microphones’ input gain also ensures that the smallest child’s voice is captured and audible for future review.

iRecord Universe:

iRecord Universe is the on-premises solution for interview rooms. The solution includes cameras, mics, on/off buttons, a dedicated server, the iRecord application, and client applications.

It is a high-definition digital audio and video recording, broadcast, and content management solution. iRecord Universe utilizes thick client and web-based browsers, so you can view live interviews from any location in your building via the network. You can also retrieve previously recorded interviews, type in META Data, create bookmarks (notes), edit (Redaction), run a chain of evidence audit trail, and make copies in MP4 DVD and USB.

No experience is needed to master iRecord systems. They activate with the touch of a button. iRecord Universe also supports remote starting and stopping via the client browser, via remote authorized PCs, tablets, or laptops. The image is viewed as Picture-In-Picture and Split-Screen, and audio and video are 100% synchronized.

We typically use two cameras per interview room to allow you to catch every nuance of a session, while also providing complete transparency. Host up to four interview rooms on a single recording device, then pull all the resulting footage to our central storage regardless of the scale of your system. Metadata, redaction software, and note-taking capability ensure that you can find the relevant footage with ease.

Your iRecord software and this new cloud storage solution can simplify the entire process of managing your digital evidence. Our secure, cloud-based system allows you to analyze interview evidence remotely through an online portal. That way you can review the recording, add notes, make redactions, and safely share files with approved parties—all from one platform, anywhere you are working.

Our iRecord cloud storage solution gives agencies, prosecutors, and investigators the intuitive tool they have been looking for to share evidence and keep their process on-track. Using a secure online portal for reviewing evidence means you do not need to download or make physical copies of their digital data. Everything is permanently, securely, saved in the cloud.

iRecord cloud storage helps agencies save valuable time and expedite the investigation. By eliminating the manual process of copying and sharing files, investigators can finally move the case along at a faster pace. Instead of waiting on the extensive back-and-forth of evidence review, parties can simply log in to the portal whenever they need to check on a case.