ADS is proud to be a NICE Premier Partner. The NICE Inform solution is not just a recorder, but a software that empowers agencies to monitor, review, reconstruct, and share incidents. It is a Next Gen recording solution as well as an Incident Info Management solution.

As you migrate to Next Gen 911 technology, NICE Inform helps you effectively manage and derive insights from the variety of information coming into your agency. You can find an accurate, complete record of the interactions between citizens, emergency communications centers, and first responders.

Captured incident information is synchronized and put into context to help you improve investigations, policy compliance, and employee performance. Overall, NICE Inform is built to give you Next Gen recordings, multimedia incident reconstruction, incident sharing, quality assurance, audio analytics, and real-time decision support.

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Public Safety organizations are moving a tremendous amount of data. This deluge of internal and external data from a growing network of unconnected sources is continually growing. The key is to provide a stable structure and a method to bring all this data together.

Our products, with our top-tier support, can offer you capabilities for capturing, searching, organizing, and storing your data efficiently; leaving you with more management over your time.

Managing a 911 center is becoming more complex by the day. Of course, there are the daily challenges of hiring, staffing, turnover, 911 call quality, and funding issues. And now, new technology innovations like Next Generation 911, text-to-911, and LTE, are coming at you at an unprecedented pace, along with the growing citizen expectations of 911. All of these challenges can overwhelm your center, and, at the end of the day, impact 911 performance and first response. You cannot solve them without knowing the answers to these key questions: “What's happening in my 911 center now, and why?,” “What impact are new technology innovations really having on my 911 center?,” How can we better adapt and adjust?,” “Where are my telecommunications struggling?,” How can we help them be more successful, so they're more likely to do a better job, and less likely to burn out and leave?,” “How well are we supporting our first responding member agencies?,” and “How can I better justify funding decisions?” Key questions like these demand smarter solutions and data-driven insights. That's where NICE Inform fits in.

At the heart of NICE capabilities is helping agencies understand what happened during incidents, what people heard, said, did, and what information they had access to at the time of the incident, as context for their decisions. NICE systems reside in a unique location within the public safety technology ecosystem - between the CAD, the 911, and the radio system. From this position, we not only record the voice and text-to-911 communications, but also collect the metadata coming from these and other systems. By connecting and consolidating all this information, NICE provides a comprehensive insight into how it happened. With this metadata collected in near-real time, and NICE’s ability to visualize how the incident happened, NICE solutions reveal what is happening now in your 911 center. Instead of relying only on the ‘number of calls’ and ‘time to answer’ metrics at the end of the week or month, users of NICE solutions can, at any time, see many other metrics describing their incident lifecycle and associated incidents by priority. They see how quickly the calls are being answered, entered CAD and dispatched, and how long it takes for the first responders to arrive on scene, among many other important indicators. Finally, armed with this new insight into what is happening in your emergency communications center, NICE also reveals who or what is performing or not performing. We connect the performance metrics to the underlying incidents, conversations, and actions, so you can drill into and evaluate an incident that did, or did not go as you expected, and understand why. Now you can diagnose whether the root of the problem was a shortcoming in coaching, protocol, or technology that impacted the handling of the incident. With that insight, you can make correct decisions about changes that impact the performance of your entire emergency communication center.

Next Generation 911, Text-to-911, Public Safety LTE, increasing citizen needs and expectations, as well as new Quality Assurance standards, are all dramatically changing the Public Safety communications landscape. That is why NICE is reinventing recording – to help you improve your PSAP operations today, while also preparing for what’s on the horizon.

The revolutionary new NICE Inform captures and analyzes ALL of your communications to put recording to work for you. Powered by CAD Incident Analytics, NICE Inform lets you use CAD data to instantly find all 911, radio, and text calls associated with incidents for investigations, and to perform Quality Assurance (QA) evaluations in half the time. Say goodbye to waiting days or weeks for manual reports, and make smarter decisions faster, using NICE Informs Incident Intelligence Dashboards. See your performance metrics and identify issues earlier, so you can meet your performance targets and improve your emergency response.

NICE Inform is a suite of modular applications for incident information management that can run over traditional and IP-based networks. It records multimedia interactions between the public, emergency centers, and first responders. All captured incident information is then synchronized and put into context to help you improve investigations, policy compliance, and employee performance.

NICE Recording is the most powerful call logging software solution available today, specifically designed to meet the mission-critical needs of the Public Safety emergency communications environment. NICE reliably logs and synchronizes 911 calls, including digital, analog, and VoIP calls, conventional and P25 radio transmissions, text–to-911 interactions, video, images, console screens, locations from geographic information systems (GIS), and integrated feeds from other sources, such as CCTV video. NICE Recording call logging system scales and adapts from single PSAP centers, to complex environments with multiple sites, networks, or multimedia calls.

Nowhere is quality of service more important than in 9-1-1 communications. NICE Inform Evaluator public safety 911 quality assurance software gives you the tools you need to reduce risk and improve the effectiveness of your telecommunicators’ emergency communications by proactively identifying and mitigating knowledge gaps and compliance issues. It can also help improve employee engagement, accountability, and job satisfaction by identifying and recognizing exemplary performance or strengths in incident response.

Maximize the impact of your evaluations with customized call taking and dispatch QA evaluation forms. Start from a library of pre-built forms, or use form builders to quickly create QA forms for different protocols, roles, and incident types, first setting up form sections and questions, then assigning weighting factors. The public safety 911 quality assurance software automatically tabulates the scores as evaluations are completed. Your quality assurance reviewer or PSAP 911 center supervisors can easily score for knowledge, empathy, compliance, and other criteria. You can tailor a set of evaluation questions and forms to different job responsibilities, seniority, types of incidents, and anything else that reflects your priorities.