ADS is proud to be a licensed reseller of Eventide call logging solutions, including NexLog Recorders, one of the top products for emergency call logging and contact recording. Eventide Communications Recording Solutions are designed to meet the specialized needs of public safety and other critical communication users.

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Eventides DX-Series recording solutions can record from almost every type of 9-1-1 call handling system.

The flexible Eventide Reporting Engine DX TM option provides directors and managers with business intelligence to help determine necessary staffing levels and workflows, and to help justify budgets. Radio traffic, 9-1-1, and administrative phone activity can all be joined into actionable reports. Reports can be generated on a schedule and delivered via email, PDF, or viewed in a browser. Custom reports can be designed from scratch, or by starting from a wide range of pre-configured reporting blocks tailored to fit your needs.

The Eventide Screen Recording DX TM option allows you to capture high-quality videos of workstation activity that can be seamlessly synchronized with recorder audio. Supervisors can benefit by obtaining a better understanding of each agent’s compliance with required practices and protocols. Screen Recording DX can capture the important imagery appearing on a user’s PC screen, such as surveillance camera video, maps, or overlay application video. Screen recording replay can also aid during incident investigations, and can help to document issues with other software. The Screen Recording DX software can efficiently capture up to 20 frames per second, offers flexible bandwidth-limiting options, supports multiple displays, and is compatible with modern Windows and Linux workstations.

The Eventide NexLog 740 DX-Series and Eventide NexLog 840 DX-Series recorders each include redundant power supplies and redundant disk drives. Redundant archiving options include NAS, Blu-ray/DVD-RAM, RDX, and removable HDD. The Eventide NexLog 740 DX-Series and the Eventide NexLog 840 DX-Series recorders are available in sets of multiple units for fully redundant “Active + Active” recording, storage, and archiving.